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MONEY UNIVERSITY is not another dry treatise about financial health and well-being. Rather, it is a joyful textbook filled with stories and encouragement about what can be done. And, it’s about time that the average person had a financial advisor, according to Matthews. ”Most financial advisors require hundreds of thousands of dollars before they’ll work with you,” he says. “In fact, one time I asked a broker for one of the largest firms if she had enough money to get financial advice and wealth management from her own firm. Sadly, she said no. So, what does the average person do to build wealth?”


“With his wit, wisdom, and highly refined gift for communicating complex information in an intelligent, but remarkably simple way, Cash Matthews has written “Money University” to encourage, inspire, and equip all of us, from PhD to GED, to take control of our financial lives and create a more vibrant financial future. Deep in debt or deca-millionaire, Cash will speak directly to you. My family, team and clients will all be getting copies of “Money University”. This is really special – thank you Cash for this amazing book!”
– Tim Broadhurts, President of the Broadhurst Group, Vice President of Mortgage Lending for On Q Financial

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