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Cash Matthews
Cash Matthews

From his earliest days growing up in Shawnee, Oklahoma, Cash Matthews has been a doer and encourager to others who want to accomplish their dreams.

In his teens he started riding BMX bicycles in competition. He would play an important role in getting BMX introduced in the state of Oklahoma. Cash is in the BMX Hall of Fame.

In high school, his debate team won the state championship in Oklahoma and, as a result, he was heavily recruited by all of the name brand schools. He spent one year at Bradley University in Illinois. Then the great recession of 1979 happened and the primary funding for his debate scholarship dried up. Though he loved being a student at Bradley, he headed back to Oklahoma and finished his degree in Business Finance at tiny Central State University. That pattern would follow him throughout all of his endeavors in the years to come. No whining. No complaining. Just figure out what can be done and then do it. Make the most of the circumstances, especially if they cannot be changed.

And, if the circumstances can be changed, change them.

For the past 30 plus years Cash has been a principle in the Solomon Group, an Austin, Texas based financial services organization that is determined to help individuals, many with average incomes, build great wealth for themselves and their heirs. He has literally written the book on how to do that, and yet he is humble enough to know that he still has a lot to learn about how to accomplish his goals.

“I’m a dreamer,” he says. I believe everything is possible.”

Cash lives in Austin, Texas with his wife Katy, and daughters Audrey, and Sarah.