Welcome to Money University!


So, let’s get to know each other!  I want YOU to win in life.  So do YOU!  This makes us instant friends as far as I am concerned.  This thing called money, however, doesn’t have a clear set of instructions that most of us can read. And as your friend, I feel obliged to share with you directly the 34 years of experience I have enjoyed helping people sort out the financial facts from the financial fiction.

Fair enough?

The idea of the Money University blog is to keep you in the loop with ideas that can make your financial life go a little smoother.  Here, I will introduce you to industry experts that have been properly evaluated BEFORE we share their message with our trusted friends and readers.  You will learn more about saving, planning, retirement, debt reduction, and other related items.

Let’s get started.  This is important.  Take your money life seriously so that at some point in life, you won’t have to worry about “what might have been”, or “I wish I had…”.

So, Let’s Take A Quick Test!

We Call It The Vomit Test:

  1. How many years have you worked? ________ years
  2. What was your average annual family income? $ ________
  3. Multiply Years x Income to get Lifetime Income. (The amount of money you have made in your lifetime!) $ ________
  4. How much of that number do you have left in cash assets? (Don’t count home equity just yet) $ ________

Does your number make you want to vomit?

Stay tuned here at Money University Blog as we uncover some of the realities of life!  We want you to win and win big!  Thank you for enjoying our inaugural blog and we hope you will enjoy our team of experts as we navigate the oceans of opportunity in front of us all!

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